Diablos en Trans-Pecos
Color print on Photo Rag paper

In early 2016, a nearly $770 million contract was secured to install a 143-mile-long natural gas pipeline through the Big Bend region. Despite the efforts of locals and conservationists to protect Big Bend National Park, rail shipments of pipe for the project have already begun shipping as of May 2015. Residents have taken strong action against the project through town hall meetings and multiple activist campaigns, but their demands have yet to successfully ban the project. 

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was brought on to the board of directors of ETP (the company spearheading the initiative) to offer "strategic guidance to ETP's executive management team," according to a spokeswoman for the company. Governor Perry had previously received nearly $250,000 in campaign donations from Kelcy Warren, the CEO of the company leading the Trans-Pecos Pipeline campaign. The project was commissioned by the Mexican Federal Electricity Commission in an effort to update its energy infrastructure. 

Because of the rich geology of the Big Bend region, including mountains, desert, and ranch land, the residents strongly oppose the pipeline because of ecological, territorial, and other threats posed against their region. The pipeline would carry roughly 1.4 billon cubic feet of natural gas per day at enormous pressures and would travel directly through communities and the national park. Unfortunately, pipeline companies are allowed to use eminent domain to seize private lands if an agreement isn't reached with individual land owners. 

This photograph was taken of a residence in Presidio County where the pipeline project continues to progress despite the objections of many residents.

Diablos en Trans-Pecos print – matted


Color print of “Diablos en Trans-Pecos” from 2015-2016 Artist-in-Residence Christi LaViolette's series LIFE LOOKED OVER: A PICTURE OF WEST TEXAS HISTORY.

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“Diablos en Trans-Pecos”
8×10 color print in 11×14 matte.


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