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New John Wesley Coleman Album: “Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song”

John Wesley Coleman

CONTACT: Chris Welch

John Wesley Coleman’s new album Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song, forthcoming from Goliad Media

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label and publishing house, will release a new solo album by Texas musician John Wesley Coleman. Slated for release in October 2018, the album will be available as an LP, CD, or digital download.

Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song takes its title from a lyric in the last song on the record, “Out The Window.”
Coleman says of the song that “It’s my pop masterpiece, produced by Vincent Kircher. He got the old version of his band Jaill (Sub Pop, Burger) together one more time to see it through.” The album will be mastered by Louie Lino, who has “recorded our bands before. So full circle. It’s a sad pop gem, and I love it.”

Coleman recorded the album in Milwaukee in the winter. Asked to characterize it, Coleman says “It feels like a basement full of hope and sadness. But positive force of music on the ears.” A number of special guests appear on the album, and Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Mountain Time) is the writer behind one of the songs.

“Kick back with hot tea and toast and a joint. Dig in . . . and swim.”

Image via drummer Austin Dutmer, Milwaukee.

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