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The Goliad Monitor: Snapshot of a Photographer

Photo by Christi LaViolette
Photo by Christi LaViolette

In anticipation of the opening of Christi LaViolette’s new series “Life Looked Over: A Picture of West Texas History,” we asked her how she felt her series fits in with Goliad’s fascination with empty spaces — as well as what we can expect to see on April 9th.

The tie between Goliad’s fascination with empty spaces and Life Looked Over was a great fit because I was already interested in capturing the landscape as opposed to the people. It felt intrusive to hinder the people by photographing them personally. The emptiness of the landscape is a perfect tool to try to convey the history and culture of west Texas.

I think artistic value can be seen in any aspect of life when one looks at the right perspective. I find myself particularly fond of cities such as those in west Texas because they are so unique and beautiful but yet have been largely abandoned.

For this series, I really wanted to accentuate the inherent art in the landscape, so I used Kodak Endure Premier metallic paper for the black and white images. This paper produces remarkably clean whites and rich blacks, so the contrast in each images becomes very powerful. The reflectivity of the paper also adds an element to the contrast that helps capture the striking emptiness of the region. For the color images, I used a combination of Kodak Endure Premier paper and Photo Rag archival paper. Both offer very rich color ranges and deep, rich blacks

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