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Goliad Media Acquires Debut from Novelist Timothy S. Miller



Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label, publishing house, and arts producer, will publish the first novel by Dallas-based author Timothy S. Miller in 2020.

Miller’s first novel is a noir conspiracy thriller about substance abuse, sobriety, and violence in the 1990s — and those drawn into the vortex of Lee Harvey Oswald’s bastard son and his efforts to clear his father’s name.

The Virgin Mother’s image — a moldy shadow with patches of holy light — has appeared under the Triple Underpass right next to the Grassy Knoll. The image of the Virgin Mother — so close to the site where JFK was assassinated — brings a multitude of believers to pay their respects and to ponder its meaning.

But Hal Scott has more to worry about than the Virgin Mother.

Recovering alcoholic, lover of secrets, and quickly approaching middle-age, Scott discovered his best friend dead in his seedy downtown Dallas apartment. And all fingers point to Scott as the murderer.

There is a conspiracy under way, and it is tied to a gubernatorial campaign, illicit photograph, and a video that will undermine the election. And more than likely get Hal Scott killed.

The only one Scott can turn to is a guy he met in Alcoholics Anonymous, “Lemon” — the self-proclaimed bastard son of Lee Harvey Oswald. Lemon’s mother owns Conspiracy Books, just blocks away from the old Texas School Book Depository, and she used to dance at the Carousel Club, owned by the notorious Jack Ruby. And she saved things. The FBI, the CIA, and the John Birch Society all want what she has — what Lemon has discovered in his mother’s mouldering attic. What he found is bigger than them all, and there will be a price to pay for its exposure.

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