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Poet Courtney Marie Joins Goliad Media for Her First Solo Book Project

Courtney Marie


Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label, publishing house, and arts producer, will publish the first solo book project by Texas poet Courtney Marie in late 2019.

Marie is a writer and artist based in Denton, Texas. She enjoys working with text as an art medium and performance object. Her work has appeared in Nat. Brut, Spooky Girlfriend Press, Black Sun Lit, Souvenir Lit, The Thing Itself, and others. She has also showcased her work in basements and museums, street corners, bars, and art galleries in cities all over the country. She is the co-founder and primary organizer of the art collective Spiderweb Salon (Best Literary Arts Group 2016, Dallas Observer), co-host of the Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas, and the host of Spiderweb Salon’s literary podcast, produced by Pariah.

On the heels of her first project, Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, published in tandem with co-writer Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi’s collection Moon Woman, Marie’s first solo book will be a very personal exploration of survival and resilience, told through an expanse of experiences and themes that will include living with mental illness, navigating relationships and identity (self, person, woman, daughter, friend, poet, queer, lover, survivor, wife, not-wife, leader, follower, loner, professional, reader, mother, artist, patient, broken, healed), waking up and bearing witness to the travesties of the political climate and a world quite literally on fire.

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