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New John Wesley Coleman Album: “Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song”

John Wesley Coleman

CONTACT: Chris Welch

John Wesley Coleman’s new album Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song, forthcoming from Goliad Media

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label and publishing house, will release a new solo album by Texas musician John Wesley Coleman. Slated for release in October 2018, the album will be available as an LP, CD, or digital download.

Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song takes its title from a lyric in the last song on the record, “Out The Window.”
Coleman says of the song that “It’s my pop masterpiece, produced by Vincent Kircher. He got the old version of his band Jaill (Sub Pop, Burger) together one more time to see it through.” The album will be mastered by Louie Lino, who has “recorded our bands before. So full circle. It’s a sad pop gem, and I love it.”

Coleman recorded the album in Milwaukee in the winter. Asked to characterize it, Coleman says “It feels like a basement full of hope and sadness. But positive force of music on the ears.” A number of special guests appear on the album, and Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Mountain Time) is the writer behind one of the songs.

“Kick back with hot tea and toast and a joint. Dig in . . . and swim.”

Image via drummer Austin Dutmer, Milwaukee.

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Will Johnson’s “Little Raider EP +2” and Johnson’s First Book

Album art for Will Johnson's Little Raider EP +2


The newest solo reissue by Will Johnson. Available early 2017.

The first book-length publication of Johnson’s writing.

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC is releasing a re-issue of Will Johnson‘s solo album “Little Raider EP.”

“Little Raider EP,” originally released in 2011, now includes two additional tracks, “The Treaty/Loose Talk” and “Waiting Here for the Light to Rise.” Available for the first time on vinyl, the extended and remastered EP carries the new title “Little Raider EP +2.” Regarding the new tracks, Johnson says, “Each of the additional songs had been hanging around in demo form for a while, and to my ear they co-habitated well with the songs on the original release. ‘Waiting Here For The Light To Rise’ is a song written with my late friend, Jason Molina, in mind.”

Remastered by Matt Pence, “Little Raider EP +2” brings new attention to Johnson’s solo work as he is experiencing a renaissance among fans and critics. Widely known as the front man for Centro-matic and South San Gabriel—as well as his collaborations with other musicians like Jason Molina, Vic Chesnutt, Patterson Hood, and others—Johnson has recently redoubled his solo touring and songwriting. According to Johnson, “Revisiting this release definitely helped me re-embody and re-work some of the songs over for the live shows. It also inspired me to write a handful of songs in a similar sonic and instrumental vein that I’ll formally track before too long.”

“Little Raider EP +2” will be available on vinyl or as a digital download from Goliad Media in early 2017.

In a separate agreement, Goliad Media will also be publishing Johnson’s first book. The as-yet-untitled project combines Johnson’s original fiction with his personal memoirs and other meditations and will be available in both print and electronic editions.

(Album art by Clint Sawyer. Photo by Christi LaViolette.)

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Scott Danbom’s Debut Solo Album


CONTACT: Chris Welch

The Debut Solo Album by Scott Danbom
Forthcoming from Goliad Media

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label, publishing house, and arts producer, will release the first solo album by Texas musician Scott Danbom. Slated for release in early 2017, the album will be available as an LP, CD, or digital download.

Danbom is a veteran performer and accompanist associated with Centro-matic, South San Gabriel, Will Johnson, Sarah Jaffe, Slobberbone, Brent Best, Drive-By Truckers, Patterson Hood, and many others. His as-yet-untitled album will merge two different sounds: the haunting keyboard-and-vocals arrangements North Texas music fans are discovering for the first time in Danbom’s long career, and an ambient-instrumental concept drawn from Danbom’s interest in experimental concept sounds. In writing and composing the album, Danbom is attempting a project under one title with divergent personalities “like a word and a symbol that mean the same thing but have a blurry, different feel.” Asked about what listeners should expect, Danbom says, “Interpretation will be varied, for sure. Any sort of art is only an individual’s brain filtration. This will be nothing too complex and nothing too simple.”

Danbom will record the album at Ramble Creek Recording Studio with engineer Britton Beisenherz, who has recently engineered albums with Will Johnson, Doug Burr, Milton Mapes, Monahans, Kelley McRae, and a number of others. Musicians Danbom has worked with throughout his career will make appearances on the album. Tour dates and official release information will be announced later in 2016.

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Minding Days


MINDING DAYS – Kody Jackson

October, 2015

Minding Days, the second solo album by singer-songwriter Kody Jackson, tracks a decided shift in southern folk-rock Americana. Sometimes western, sometimes aggressive, now and then lyrical—Minding Days blends slide, resonators, acoustic and electric guitars, and harrowing vocals to evoke burning Texan winds, personal tragedies, and spiteful backwoods reckonings from the darkest blue-collar dreams. Anger, pain, realism. Minding Days is a deeply reflective and starkly personal album that resists easy categories and familiar trends in favor of something greater than the sum of its parts.

Denton-based singer-songwriter Kody Jackson has played with a number of D/FW acts across the past fifteen years, including The Fabulous Badasses, Spitfire Tumbleweeds, Old Warhorse, and The Big Ole Bastards. Widely recognized for the range of his baritone vocals, Jackson reinvents his signature sound on Minding Days to complement studio musicians Tex Bosley (Spitfire Tumbleweeds, Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique) and Justin Collins (Burnt Sienna Trio, Spitfire Tumbleweeds). Minding Days was recorded and mixed by Collins and mastered by Carl Saff.

“Second Guessing”

“Speaking of You”

“The Fold”

Side A

1. Bread and Coffee

2. Speaking of You

3. Second Guessing

4. Mark My Words

5. Spirits Rise

6. Look Up

Side B

7. Look Down

8. Golden

9. West Coast Lean

10. The Fold

11. King

12. Breaking