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Harlin Anderson to Write Official Biography of Dan Mojica














Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label, publishing house, and arts producer, will publish the official biography of renowned Texas club owner Dan Mojica, authored by Texas-based journalist Harlin Anderson. The book is slated for release in late 2020.

Known for establishing the original Dan’s bar and Dan’s Silverleaf, Mojica has been an influential presence in the Denton, Texas music scene, supporting local and touring musicians from around the world. Mojica, a CARA Award recipient has also been influential in the development of arts, literature, and theatrical communities.

Harlin Anderson’s first book-length work of literary nonfiction, Reverb, TX, debuted in 2017. Mojica’s biography marks his second publication with Goliad.


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Goliad Media Acquires Debut from Novelist Timothy S. Miller



Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label, publishing house, and arts producer, will publish the first novel by Dallas-based author Timothy S. Miller in 2020.

Miller’s first novel is a noir conspiracy thriller about substance abuse, sobriety, and violence in the 1990s — and those drawn into the vortex of Lee Harvey Oswald’s bastard son and his efforts to clear his father’s name.

The Virgin Mother’s image — a moldy shadow with patches of holy light — has appeared under the Triple Underpass right next to the Grassy Knoll. The image of the Virgin Mother — so close to the site where JFK was assassinated — brings a multitude of believers to pay their respects and to ponder its meaning.

But Hal Scott has more to worry about than the Virgin Mother.

Recovering alcoholic, lover of secrets, and quickly approaching middle-age, Scott discovered his best friend dead in his seedy downtown Dallas apartment. And all fingers point to Scott as the murderer.

There is a conspiracy under way, and it is tied to a gubernatorial campaign, illicit photograph, and a video that will undermine the election. And more than likely get Hal Scott killed.

The only one Scott can turn to is a guy he met in Alcoholics Anonymous, “Lemon” — the self-proclaimed bastard son of Lee Harvey Oswald. Lemon’s mother owns Conspiracy Books, just blocks away from the old Texas School Book Depository, and she used to dance at the Carousel Club, owned by the notorious Jack Ruby. And she saved things. The FBI, the CIA, and the John Birch Society all want what she has — what Lemon has discovered in his mother’s mouldering attic. What he found is bigger than them all, and there will be a price to pay for its exposure.

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Poet Courtney Marie Joins Goliad Media for Her First Solo Book Project

Courtney Marie


Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label, publishing house, and arts producer, will publish the first solo book project by Texas poet Courtney Marie in late 2019.

Marie is a writer and artist based in Denton, Texas. She enjoys working with text as an art medium and performance object. Her work has appeared in Nat. Brut, Spooky Girlfriend Press, Black Sun Lit, Souvenir Lit, The Thing Itself, and others. She has also showcased her work in basements and museums, street corners, bars, and art galleries in cities all over the country. She is the co-founder and primary organizer of the art collective Spiderweb Salon (Best Literary Arts Group 2016, Dallas Observer), co-host of the Pegasus Reading Series in Dallas, and the host of Spiderweb Salon’s literary podcast, produced by Pariah.

On the heels of her first project, Don’t Get Your Hopes Up, published in tandem with co-writer Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi’s collection Moon Woman, Marie’s first solo book will be a very personal exploration of survival and resilience, told through an expanse of experiences and themes that will include living with mental illness, navigating relationships and identity (self, person, woman, daughter, friend, poet, queer, lover, survivor, wife, not-wife, leader, follower, loner, professional, reader, mother, artist, patient, broken, healed), waking up and bearing witness to the travesties of the political climate and a world quite literally on fire.

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New John Wesley Coleman Album: “Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song”

John Wesley Coleman

CONTACT: Chris Welch

John Wesley Coleman’s new album Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song, forthcoming from Goliad Media

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC, an independent record label and publishing house, will release a new solo album by Texas musician John Wesley Coleman. Slated for release in October 2018, the album will be available as an LP, CD, or digital download.

Cuckoo Bird Sings a Song takes its title from a lyric in the last song on the record, “Out The Window.”
Coleman says of the song that “It’s my pop masterpiece, produced by Vincent Kircher. He got the old version of his band Jaill (Sub Pop, Burger) together one more time to see it through.” The album will be mastered by Louie Lino, who has “recorded our bands before. So full circle. It’s a sad pop gem, and I love it.”

Coleman recorded the album in Milwaukee in the winter. Asked to characterize it, Coleman says “It feels like a basement full of hope and sadness. But positive force of music on the ears.” A number of special guests appear on the album, and Chris Simpson (Mineral, The Gloria Record, Mountain Time) is the writer behind one of the songs.

“Kick back with hot tea and toast and a joint. Dig in . . . and swim.”

Image via drummer Austin Dutmer, Milwaukee.

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The Goliad Monitor: Margaret Chavez, “A Loupe”

Coming soon: Marcus William Striplin’s solo project, “A Loupe” available on LP from Goliad Media.

The Goliad Monitor: Margaret Chavez, "A Loupe"

The newest solo project by Marcus William Striplin. Available late January 19, 2018.

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC is releasing the first album from Marcus William Striplin’s solo project Margaret Chavez.

“A Loupe” collects the history of Striplin’s recording life in the spirit of country strums, Texas prairies, howling feedback, thick riffs, multi-part harmonies, and stories about every kind of explosion and schism a heart can fathom. According to Striplin, the name is a tribute to Striplin’s mother, and it’s a memorial tribute in more ways than one. “You raise a child / you make it smile / just for a little, little while,” Striplin sings before bidding her—and what sounds like other pains in his life—”Gone, Gone, Gone.”

Striplin emerged from the burgeoning Texas music scene in the ’00s and ’10s, alongside artists like The Polyphonic Spree and experimental acts such as Lift to Experience and Derek Rogers. Striplin combines the ideas and sounds of his best peers and contemporaries in a sound that he describes as “heatstricken and reflecting chrome in the sun.”

“A Loupe” will be available on vinyl or as a digital download from Goliad Media on January 19, 2018.


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REVERB, TX is now available.

REVERB, TX, the debut memoir and travelogue by essayist Harlin Anderson is now available for order.

Reverb, TX

From the expanses of the Chihuahuan Desert to the secrets of the Piney Woods, Texas is travelers’ country. Home to several distinct cultures, the only common trait among the far-flung people of the Lone Star State is hardscrabble grit—a persistence in the relentless landscape.

But there is more to Texas than tumbleweeds and tornadoes. The people who define the state’s distinct cultures live in uneasy truce with their own history, undermining tradition and making their own rules. Texans are nothing if not solitary, even together in a crowded theater in Lufkin, Texas, hosting Mandy Patinkin for an a cappella thunderstorm performance. Or on the beaches of Mustang Island, where laws don’t apply. Or huddled against the desert cold in distant Marathon for a fire-lit music festival.

In Reverb, TX, Harlin Anderson takes you to each of these places and more, carving a traveler’s path between major highways and larger-than-life cities. His travelogue is part memoir, part confession—a journal of growth, loss, and exploration. This is a brutal, breathtaking debut, and it will leave you wandering for years to come.