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Will Johnson’s “Little Raider EP +2” and Johnson’s First Book

Album art for Will Johnson's Little Raider EP +2


The newest solo reissue by Will Johnson. Available early 2017.

The first book-length publication of Johnson’s writing.

Denton, TX—Goliad Media Group, LLC is releasing a re-issue of Will Johnson‘s solo album “Little Raider EP.”

“Little Raider EP,” originally released in 2011, now includes two additional tracks, “The Treaty/Loose Talk” and “Waiting Here for the Light to Rise.” Available for the first time on vinyl, the extended and remastered EP carries the new title “Little Raider EP +2.” Regarding the new tracks, Johnson says, “Each of the additional songs had been hanging around in demo form for a while, and to my ear they co-habitated well with the songs on the original release. ‘Waiting Here For The Light To Rise’ is a song written with my late friend, Jason Molina, in mind.”

Remastered by Matt Pence, “Little Raider EP +2” brings new attention to Johnson’s solo work as he is experiencing a renaissance among fans and critics. Widely known as the front man for Centro-matic and South San Gabriel—as well as his collaborations with other musicians like Jason Molina, Vic Chesnutt, Patterson Hood, and others—Johnson has recently redoubled his solo touring and songwriting. According to Johnson, “Revisiting this release definitely helped me re-embody and re-work some of the songs over for the live shows. It also inspired me to write a handful of songs in a similar sonic and instrumental vein that I’ll formally track before too long.”

“Little Raider EP +2” will be available on vinyl or as a digital download from Goliad Media in early 2017.

In a separate agreement, Goliad Media will also be publishing Johnson’s first book. The as-yet-untitled project combines Johnson’s original fiction with his personal memoirs and other meditations and will be available in both print and electronic editions.

(Album art by Clint Sawyer. Photo by Christi LaViolette.)

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Reverb, TX

Reverb, TX
Reverb, TX by Harlin Anderson

Harlin Anderson

July 2017

From the expanses of the Chihuahuan Desert to the secrets of the Piney Woods, Texas is travelers’ country. Home to several distinct cultures, the only common trait among the far-flung people of the Lone Star State is hardscrabble grit—a persistence in the relentless landscape.

But there is more to Texas than tumbleweeds and tornadoes. The people who define the state’s distinct cultures live in uneasy truce with their own history, undermining tradition and making their own rules. Texans are nothing if not solitary, even together in a crowded theater in Lufkin, Texas, hosting Mandy Patinkin for an a cappella thunderstorm performance. Or on the beaches of Mustang Island, where laws don’t apply. Or huddled against the desert cold in distant Marathon for a fire-lit music festival.

In Reverb, TX, Harlin Anderson takes you to each of these places and more, carving a traveler’s path between major highways and larger-than-life cities. His travelogue is part memoir, part confession—a journal of growth, loss, and exploration. This is a brutal, breathtaking debut, and it will leave you wandering for years to come.


Harlin Anderson

Harlin Anderson attended the University of Missouri on a journalism scholarship before ultimately earning an M.A. in creative writing from the University of North Texas. He worked as a copywriter in the entertainment industry for several years, and he is the co-founder of the ambitious but short-lived literary magazine The Porch as well as creative director of Lumberjack Fest, a music and arts showcase now entering its twelfth year. He’s written about music, literature, and television for a variety of websites, including Harlin lives in Denton, Texas with his wife and three dogs.